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Endangered species with information

Endangered Species 

Climate change, agriculture and global warming are responsible threats to species.
The list of endangered species is growing.

The list is 

1) walruses :
The prey of climate change, in whose name the Arctic sea ice declined in 2014  
more than usual.

2)Bluefin tuna:

The bluefin tuna suffers from the increasing demand for sushi.

3) The lemurs :

These primates live only in Madagascar are endangered due to poaching and the destruction of their tropical environment.

4) The Elephant :

Several populations of African elephants are endangered.

5) The whales :

There are a number of factors contributing to the current endangered status of whales such as overfishing, pollution, dam/bridge construction, private/commercial boating and commercial whaling, but out of these contributing factors commercial whaling has had the largest affect on the endangered status of today’s existing whale populations.

6) Mountain gorillas :

Currently, the mountain gorilla’s habitat is limited to protected national parks in two regions of Africa. One group of gorillas lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. The other group is spread over three national parks in the Virungas mountain region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda.

7) The tigers :

Some tiger subspecies may still be mentioned in books but they have already been extinct as habitats continue to be destroyed. The Panthera tigris balica, which is popularly known as the Bali tiger, used to be limited to Bali, which is an Indonesian island. 

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